Vic Attfield

Vic’s active interest in photography started in 1951.

He was elected to The London Salon in 1970 and was awarded FRPS the following year.

He served on the (Pictorial/Visual Art) Distinctions Panel of the RPS for Associateship and Fellowship for 19 years. Vic is a keen exhibitor with acceptances in many national and international exhibitions since 1958. Examples of his work are included in UK permanent collections such as the Tyng Collection, also in Russia and Europe. Over the years his work has mainly been monochrome landscape and observations of everyday life. With very few exceptions, the pictures are unplanned but hopefully show an individual interpretation of a place or an event as it unfolds. Because of this his pictures are usually stand alone images. He self published “Looking” – a 160 page book with over 130 single page images of successful exhibition pictures selected from the extensive archive of his work taken over 50 years. Recently reprinted and is now available.

All images (c) their respective authors

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