In 1893 a group of Photographers met to discuss their concern that the Royal Photographic Society were more concerned with  “Technique” than the content of the images.  Acceptances in the Annual Exhibition were those images displaying technical expertise but no credit or appreciation was given to the “Art of photography” . This meeting of photographers, who specialised in Pictorial images formed a Society  calling themselves “The Linked Ring”, their aim being to promote Photography as an Art.

The group ran for nearly 20 years when in 1910  it was “unlinked”, but a small group of the Members decided to form a London based society to meet regularly and once a year, to hold an Annual Exhibition, to which photographers from all over the world were invited to submit images for consideration to be included in the exhibition.  The Invitation to enter images stated that:-

 “The aim of the London Salon is to exhibit only that class of work in Pictorial Photography in which there is distinct evidence of personal artistic feeling and execution”. This is still is the aim of the London Salon today.

The Salon was, and is, an International Exhibition entered by photographers worldwide which is selected by the Members who are all entitled to take part in choosing the images and awarding up to ten Salon Medals to be shown in the Exhibition. The London Salon has been shown almost every year including right through the 1st and 2nd War years since its formation over a hundred years ago.

Members including some very famous names from history have been Members including, Yousuf Karsh of Ottawa, Lord Caernarfon,  M.O. Dell, Horace Murch,  Chambre Hardman of Liverpool  to name but a few   Members are elected by invitation and hold their Membership for life pledge they will work for the good of the London Salon and uphold many of the traditions and beliefs which has ensured the success of the London Salon into the 21st Century.

A copy of the 1910 London Salon of Photography exhibition catalogue was donated to the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Alfred Stieglitz.

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