Leigh Preston

Website: http://www.leighpreston.co.uk/

Leigh has been involved in photography since 1980 when he joined the Ordnance Survey Photographic Society. He started working in colour slides and A/V, taking mainly landscapes and travel pictures until 1985, when monochrome work began to become an obsession.

He holds two RPS Fellowships, gaining a pictorial distinction in 1988, and in 1999, a Fellowship for photographic printing. He belongs to the ARENA group of photographers, based in Newbury, lectures all over the U.K. at clubs /societies /seminars and in Education. A best selling book of his monochrome images, depicting Britain’s Industrial landscapes, was published in 1993. He has had several one-man exhibitions in London, Dublin, Manchester, Birmingham and Belfast. Now semi-professional, he works as a photographic printer & college lecturer.

He still finds time to climb in the Scottish mountains and travels widely to take photographs. Leigh was elected a Salon member in 2000. More recently his monochrome and colour images concern themselves with atmosphere and out of the way places, often isolated and ‘past their sell-by date’.  These images are a mix of abstracts taken in the UK. Fine art prints of the images are available for purchasing, please contact Leigh at lcl.preston@lineone.net

All images (c) their respective authors

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